Service Message

Relationships are part of living. We are related to everything -- to ourselves, other people, even to our world and beyond. At times, relationships hurt and are broken. I know we can heal and grow with ourselves and others. Relationships to one's self and others are essential to finding increasing peace and joy in living. It can happen. This is want I do for myself and in my relationships in helping people.  

How do I help people? Because every human is different (DNA tests prove that!), finding what helps each person is unique and special. I call it "creating my tool box," using the right tools that help me and other people. We all have to learn how to use our emotional and spiritual tools. We add new tools and get rid of tools no longer needed. With practice, we learn how to use our tools better. It's a fascinating, sometimes difficult journey. It can also bring humor and more enjoyment in living.

Now you know a little bit about me, I want to know a little bit about you! What emotional and spiritual tools do you use each day? What tools have you stopped using?

Donald SpencerComment